Community Overview


It’s beautiful out here in Sturgeon County—fresh and pristine. The trees are lush and fully-grown. They blanket the hills and crowd the ravine all the way down to the riverbank. It’s a forest primeval, and if you’re quiet, you can almost imagine that it’s a hundred thousand years ago, and you’re the first person to ever stand in this place.

The views are amazing. The bank on this turn of the river is high so you can see for a long ways, and the surrounding terrain is all rolling hills. Everywhere you look is a postcard.

It’s a remarkable locale to call home—an unofficial nature preserve. The kind of place where your kids might actually learn, first hand, what beavers like to eat.


Riverside Springs is 415 acres of prime real estate on the southwest bank of the Sturgeon River. The property is traversed by a spring fed ravine, which runs east to west. The remainder is mixed deciduous and evergreen forest. There are 340 fully serviced lots: power, water, sewer and gas. The smallest is five times the size of many city lots. Streets are paved with curb & gutter, and the entire neighborhood is meticulously planned. Architectural standards are high, but not in any way restrictive. Your home can be every bit as individual as you are.

It’s far enough away to remain secluded, and close enough to order pizza delivery. It’s 10-minutes from city limits and 30-minutes from city centre. Gibbons is five. Fort Saskatchewan is 10 away.  This is a wonderful place to live: amazingly convenient and hidden away at the same time. It’s exclusive acreage living, on the riverbank, without the acreage maintenance.

Riverside Springs is an ecologically friendly community. It has been since its inception. And, in the sustainable spirit of the development, Riverside Springs boasts constructed wetlands, solar powered features and geothermal availability.