Riverside Springs: The Natural Way

Living with Nature

Bio-mimicry: Def: to emulate or take inspiration from nature to solve human problems.

The Inca Group’s commitment to sustainability is an evolving process.  Riverside Springs will incorporate a variety of solutions and options to compliment the overall vision of the community.

We are currently exploring the viability of the following:

Constructed Wetlands

The Riverside Springs wetlands will become a focus for all community residents. Birds, wildlife and human residents alike will welcome the chance to live in harmony and enjoy the surroundings.

Geo-exchange Solutions

Geo-exchange home heating systems are known as the most energy efficient, market ready technologies presently available. A network of geothermal heat exchange pipes will be nestled below the surface of the wetlands to take advantage of the enormous heating resource resulting from the water impregnated soils.

Solar Powered Lighting

Riverside Springs street lighting will compliment the back to nature appeal of this innovative community with the use of specially designed light standards using long-lasting LED bulbs powered by silicon batteries charged with solar panels.

Architectural Guidelines

Our Architectural Guidelines will contain suggested sustainable design and construction principals that will compliment and expand on current industry standards.